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About doomed labels

     The fully transparent volumetric coating gives a 3D look to any ordinary sticker. ‌        Doomed labels are easily noticeable and create a sense of depth and saturation, they look brighter. Doomed label have many uses. Manufacturers use them as permanent markings on their products because they are durable, and their three-dimensional appearance is eye-catching.

‌    Doomed labels are much more durable than many other labels. ‌ Minor scratches go away on their own over time, and the label looks like new again. Several apparel manufacturers use bulk stickers as single-use items by attaching them to store hangers. ‌ The hangers are designed in such a way that the customer first touches the tag when picking up the garment. This initial feel adds extra value to the garment. Jewelers and car manufacturers also use doomed labels for their products. ‌

doomed labels love and emoticons produced from dlp.bg

Advantages of Doomed Labels

The customers choose doomed labels, bacouse they are:
doomeded label increase your logo

Increased your logo

Doomed stickers make your brand look better and last longer than any other form of identification.

key chain with gloss doomed label

Glossy look

Doomed stickers have a pleasant glossy look and are able to absorb impacts instead of indenting or scratching permanently.

finger touch domed sticker


We don't know why, but doomed stickers are exceptionally smooth and pleasant to touch by anyone ‌


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